"The emsOriginal way" - The Design Process



Once you have decided to go ahead with an emsOriginal illustration, the process is very simple. It can all be done either in person at The Lavender Tree, Alderley Edge or by email over the internet.

The process works as follows,

  • You contact me via the website contact form or email, to discuss what you are looking for with any special requests you may have. I am also happy to be contacted by phone, so if you would prefer to talk to me directly, just let me know.
  • Based on our initial conversation, I will email you an invoice detailing the work you have requested, confirm the price and size of the illustration, and a list of the information I will require for the basis for your design. For example, for house commision I will require -
  1. A photo of you home from the angle you wish me to capture
  2. A photo of the couple/ family you wish to be featured in the illustration
  3. Do you have any pets you would like including?
  4. Any hobbies you would like featuring?
  5. Are there any other personality traits or characteristics you would like included in your design?
  • Once I have received all the information required and confirmed the payment. I will begin work on your design. I may email you with further questions if I feel i do need any further details.
  • I will email you a pencil draft of your design. This will be your chance to check all the details are clear and correct, and that all the elements are there. This is a sneak peek of the completed illustration before I touch the page with ink or colour!
  • The Final Design – Based on any feedback or corrections you have given me regarding the design, I complete your design with ink and colours and finish to your requirements, framing etc.



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