The Wedding Design Process


Once you have chosen emsOriginal to design your wedding stationery, the process is very simple. We can arrange a chance to meet in person at the Lavender Tree, Alderley Edge. Or it can all be done by email and over the internet.

The wedding design process can take shape in the steps set out below,

  • You can contact me via the website contact form or email, to discuss what you are looking for (save the dates/ invitations/ reception stationery etc), and any questions with any special requests you may have.
  • In the design consultation this will give us the opportunity to discuss your design(s), I have included a sample of the types of questions that will help provide ideas for the basis for your design.  For example, for a wedding invitation, I would include the following questions -
  1. Where & when are you getting married?
  2. Would you like your proposal story included within the invitation?
  3. Have you any adventures together? (travelling/ university/ children etc.)
  4. Are there any other funny stories, quirks, personality traits or characteristics you would like included in the invitation?

We will also discuss during this consultation the style of invite you will require and how your invites will look once the design is printed, we can choose the colour of ribbons, embellishments etc.


  •  After we have discussed designs and stationery required, I will confirm the price by sending an invoice that will include all the details of your order. As soon as recieve an initial deposit I will begin work on your designs.
  • I may email you to confirm further details or to request photos of specific places or people if they will feature in the invitation.
  • The Draft Design – I will email you with a pencil draft of the design. This will be your chance to see the layout of your design and check all the details are clear and correct, and that all the elements are there. This is an exciting time and a sneak peek of the design within the process!
  • After the draft at this point i will also require all the practical information for the invite if it has not been included in the design, for an invitation for example, I would normally need, your wording for the invitation, location, dates, information regarding accomodation/ directions, RSVP details, information regarding gifts,  etc.
  • The Final Design – Based on feedback for the pencil draft, I complete your design, edit it, add all the information and prepare the design all ready for printing.

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